Create unique, viable, working solutions combining the latest in music and technology!

The Wallifornia MusicTech Hackathon brings together teams of coders, hackers, artists, designers and tech specialists.

Brave hackers, are you ready for some intense coding? Coders, artists, developers, and companies that need creatives to use your API and build something innovative for the music industry — alongside artists and industry mentors — come join us!

One of this year's themes is How Technology Impacts Live Experiences. Other challenges to be announced. 

Prior to the event, you’ll get the chance to learn from experts in Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Binaural sound, Artificial Intelligence and Security on events. You get acquainted with the technologies and its application within the music industry.

Then, it’s time to build a team!

Your mission? Each team is invited to formulate solutions to identified problems and help the music industry move forward. Teams will debate and brainstorm along with industry mentors and coaches and create projects in a fun and intense 24 hours! Plus, It’s your chance to create a network of valuable experts.

Our idCampus Relab (Liège’s Fablab) will be open for you to build, print 3D and more during all the duration of the event!

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Deadline for registration: 29th of June, 2019.

Refund policy : If you participate to the event, you will get a refund within the 48 hours.


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Hackers must at least be 16 years of age. 

Must be able to travel to Liege, Belgium to participate on July 2-3, 2019.

Maximum team size is five (5) people.


Matthias Strobel

Matthias Strobel
President, Music Tech Germany

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Amelie Anglade
Music Data Science Consultant

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Chris Howard
The Rattle

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Claudia Schwarz
Music Tech Germany

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Ryan Maule

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Turo Pekari

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Karim Fanous
Abbey Road Studios

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Ted Cohen
TAG Strategic

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Ryan Groves
Arcona Music

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance and Impact to Industry
    How is the project relevant to the theme and music industry as a whole?
  • Innovativeness
  • Technical Excellence
  • User Experience


  • AR/VR
  • Voice skills
  • Communication